Be My Busty Valentine Hunt 2

Be My Busty Valentine Hunt 2 is a Secondlife grid wide hunt that will take place February 1st to the 15th.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Be My Busty Valentine Hunt 2 is Officially OPEN!

The Be My Busty Valentine Hunt 2 is OPEN!  Check the BMBVH2 Hints and Pics tab to see all of the amazing creations as well as the hints! If you take pictures of the hunt items please also add them to the Enhanced Events Flickr! We would love to see them!

Happy Hunting!
Your Enhanced Events Team, 
♥ Stacia  & Shattered ♥

Friday, January 31, 2014

Be My Busty Valentine Hunt Opens Soon!

We are so excited to be finishing up the final touches on the Be My Busty Valentine Hunt 2!

There have been some small glitches as happens with most events, and this being the first hunt that we organized as a team we are pretty tickled that things went so well.

We have to thank all of our wonderful creators who joined us to bring you this great hunt.  I think when you see the hunt items you will be incredibly pleased! Each hunt item is set out for 1L each, and the folder will give you the LM to the next hunt location ;).

Pictures and hints will follow soon! Just a few more details to finish up ;)~ Stay tuned!

Stacia and Shattered

Monday, January 6, 2014

Introducing ... Us! Your Enhanced Events Team

Welcome to Enhanced Events inaugural blog post!

First we would like to introduce ourselves, we are Stacia and Shattered. Together we are the brains, and the beauty behind what we hope will be a thriving events group for anyone who wants to ENHANCE their Second Life avatar.

Enhanced Events will strive to bring the best events and hunts to Second Life for all types of avatar enhancements, including prim & mesh breasts, those curvy mesh booties, beloved mesh feet/hands and even your favorite naughty bits too!

If you would like to be kept up to date with all that we do, then please join our group in world: Enhanced Events.  Follow us on Flickr too!

Our very first event will be the Be My Busty Valentine Hunt 2. This is a grid wide hunt that will bring you the very best of Implant friendly stores. All hunt items will have Lolas Tango appliers and many will include other implants as well. Each item will be 1L$.

Date: 1st Feb-15th Feb
Hints: Each store will have hints displayed.
Photos: Hunt item photos will be available here prior to the event starting.

♥ We are very excited to bring you this great hunt! So we just have to ask... 
Will you?  
Will you Be My Busty Valentine?


Enhanced Events Team
Shattered Axel - Tw@ttyC@ke
Stacia Zabaleta - Gatherings Designs